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Islands about New York

The Egyptian Obelisk in Central Park

The Egyptian Pyramids

Illusions of the Stage

The Nice Observatory

A Drawing Room Corner and an Octagon Boudoir

The Prospects and Position of the Architectural Profession

By John Mclachlan

Fleuss's Diving Apparatus

The Metric System—is it Wise to Introduce it into our Machine Shops?

By Coleman Sellers

French Lighthouses

Conveyance of Sea Water to London

The Nordenfeldt Gun

The Quincy Methods in Education

By B. G. Northrop

Designs in Textile Fabrics

Wide Boards, Cut by Machinery, for Coupe Tops


Donkey Cart

Desilverization of Lead

Ocean Cables

The Manufacture of Sulphate of Ammonia

Visual Purple

By W. C. Ayres

Historical Notes on Gas Illumination

Manufacture of Phosphoric Acid

By M. A. Colson

Iodine from Sea Weeds

By Thiercelin

Meteorological use of Thallium Papers

Refrigerating Mixtures

Determination of Gold and Silver in Alloys after Quartation with Cadmium

By Fr. Kraus

Analysis of Forage Biscuits

By C. J. H. Warden

Determination of Silicon in Iron and Steel

By T. M. Brown

Coke Of Petroleum

By MM. L. Prunter and Eug Vareune

Frank Buckland

James Craig Watson

Johannes Rudolf Von Wagner

Glacial Observations in the Wind River Mountains

By Charles F. Blackburn

Gold in Newfoundland

Tycho Brahe's New Star


“Grain” in Photo-Engraving

Sound of Cannon

An Address to the Fossil Bones in a Private Museum

By James S. Lippincott


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