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Proposed Digest of Patents

The Accelograph

On the use of an Apparatus Called the Accelograph for Measuring the Pressures Developed by Gun* Powder Gases, and for Studying the Laws of the Recoil Motion of Firearms

Governors for Marine Engines

By W. T. Clark and W. H. Ashwell

Raising Submerged Vessels

Six-Coupled Locomotive

Siphons for Sewers

Burning or Mending Heavy Castings

By Thomas D. West

How to Make a Trawl

Iron Railway Sleepers

Apparatus for Preventing Waste in Twisting and Doubling Yarns and Threads

By J. Clough

Emery Machines for Sharpening Tools

The Discovery of Underground Springs

From the French of Daniel Ramee

The Microphone, 1880

The American Franklin Search Expedition

Captain Carver's Early Travels in America

Three Years' Travel-1763-1776—Through the Interior Parts of North America for More than 5,000 Miles by Capt. Jonathan Carver, Glasgow, 1805

Enlarging by the Gelatine Process

By H. J. Palmer

Gelatine Bromide Tissue

On the Preparation of Gelatine Emulsion

Recent Progress in Photography

Bromine in the Fatty Acid Series

By Carl Hell and Fr. Urech

Preparing Gelatine Plates in the Studio

The Mineral Constituents of Yeast

The Action of Light

Goupil's Photogravure

Estimation of Nitrogen

Cosmos Fiber or Vegetable Wool

Feather Dyeing

Intense Blue

Determining Phosphoric Acid

By B. Peitzsch, W. Rohn and P. Wagner

Ostrich Feather Dyeing

By Paul Alex

Turquoise Mines of New Mexico

“Dry Washing” on the Gila

Luke Blackburn

Recent Progress in Agricultural Science

Aleutian Mummies

Cultivation of the Fig in Turkey

The Surgical Uses of Wire Cloth

By J. S. Wight

The Traffic in Dried Fruits

Pasteur's Discovery of the “Vaccine” of Fowl Cholera

Something about Mosses


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