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Beginning Work on the Panama Canal

The Panama Canal and its Projector, Ferdinand De Lesseps

The De Bay Propeller

Captain Eads' Ship Railway

Terms of The Mexican Concession

Clyde Shipbuilding

The Destruction of the Ironclad Richelieu

Steel versus Wrought Iron

Water Engine

Towing and Discharging Torpedoes from Torpedo Boats

The Trials of the Inflexible Guns

Trials of Gigantic Guns

Test of Armor Plate

Structures in the Sea


By Arthur Kirk

Extinguishing Fires in Coal Mines

Elevated Cable Railways

An Inquiry into the Laws of the Beautiful in Music

By H. A. Clarke

Pyrogallol for Dry-Plate Development

Artists' Homes.—No. 10

How to make Skeleton Leaves and Crystallized Grasses

The Photophone

The Electrical Photometer

Photographic Transparency

The British Government and the Telephone

Sound from Radiant Energy

The American Rapid Telegraph in England

Maritime Meteorology

By Thompson B. Maury

Sulphate of Soda by the Direct Process

By John Hargreaves

The Hurricane at Sitka

A Coloring Matter from Carbon Disulphide

By C. Reichl

The Detection of Starch and Dextrin

By Spencer Umfreville Pickering

How to Soften Hard Water

Hot Ice

The Fatal Dose of Carbon Oxide for Various Animals

By M. Grehant

Saponification of Fats

By Von Der Becke

On Heat Conduction in Highly Rarefied Air

By William Crookes

Camphor Production

Natural Bone-Setting

Effervescent Beverages

Cause of Diphtheria in the Family of Samuel Crump, Esq., Montclair, N. J

By J. W. Pinkham

Sugar making in Cuba

The Sacerdotal Palaces of Mictlan, in Mexico

Soiling Stock

Put Clover on your Land

The Hay Crop


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    March 05, 1881

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