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Physics without Apparatus

Experiments with Vacuum Tubes

Application of the Electric Light at the Angers (France) Slate Quarries

The French International Electrical Exhibition

New Gas Burner

The Phare Gas- Burner

Rober's Automatically-Fed Furnace

A New Instrument for underground Surveying

A New Heater

The Construction of the Photophone

The Plattsmouth Bridge

The Mechanics of Bird Flight

Zoological Notes

Wire Cable Gear.—S.S. Moewe

The Gorilla

A Rare Coleopterous Insect

The Materialistic Origin of the Sexes

By Andrew Dewar

Chicken Cholera

By M. L. Pasteur

Selection and Preparation of Food

By Ruth Smith

A Case of Rattlesnake Bite

By M. L. Dick

Treatment of the Insane at Gheel

Tobacco Smoking by Children

Predisposing Causes of Phthisis

On the Viscosity of Solutions

By B. T. Trueblood

Diphtheria and Ozone

Vapors for Inhalation

Quinine for Hypodermic use

Hot Ice

Preliminary Note on the Existence of Ice and Other Bodies in the Solid State at Temperatures Far Above Their Ordinary Melting-Points

By Thomas Carnelley

The Liquefaction of Ozone and its Color in the Gaseous State

By MM. Hautefeuille and J. Chappuis

Adulteration of Foods

The Oxidation of Alcohol

Safety Checks

Homofluoresceine, a New Coloring Matter

By H. Schwarz

Detection of Iodine in Bromine

By A. Jorissen

Comparative Values of High and Medium Quality Barleys


The Action of Diastase on Starch

The Acidity of Malts

Synthesis of Salicylic Acid

By Edgar F. Smith

Spectral Reaction of Chlorine and Bromine

By M. Lecoq De Boisbaudran

Cultivating Corn

Hot-Bed Frames

Two Comets

Making a Lawn

Convenient Way to Store Roots

Cheese Mould

Progress in the Sciences and Arts for 1880


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    March 12, 1881

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