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Calvert Street Bridge, Baltimore

A Newly Discovered Property of the Ellipse, and its Application to the “Oval Chuck”

By Frank M. Leavitt

Improved Water Gauge for Boilers

Do Stays Stay?

Device for Cleaning Boiler Tubes

The Lighthouse of Ar-men, Finisterre

Approximate Rules for the Penetration of Armor

The Failure of a Dock Wall

By Lieut. H. D. Laffan

Short Lessons to Shipbuilders

Experiments on the Position of Screw Propellers

United States Ocean Commerce in United States Built Ships

A Librarian's Notion of what a Library Building should Be

Plain and Ornamental Borders

By J. Theo. Child

House-Drainage, Sewerage, and Ventilation

Every Man his own Sensitive Plate Maker

By J. A. Forrest

Action of an Intermittent Beam of Radiant Heat upon Gaseous Matter

By John Tyndall

On some Physical Phenomena

By W. J. Millar

The Harmonic Analyzer

The Jordan Barometer

A Simple Transmission Dynamometer

By Elihu Thomson

On the Grains of Silica and Micrococci of the Atmosphere

By T. L. Phipson

Glass as an Obstructor of Light

Chemical Decomposition Incited by a Cold Fluid Stratum Floating on a Warm Liquid

By Henry A. Mott

Upon the Production of Ozone by Heating Substances Containing Oxygen

By A. R. Leeds

Arsenical Wall Paper and Artificial Flowers

On Rational Seasoning of Wood, with Special regard to the “ Beerizing” Process.

By Sigismund Beer

Progress in Chemistry

Sundry Notes

Separation of Cobalt and Nickel

By F Reichel

Charcoal in Infantile Diarrhea


The Advantages of Caustics for the Removal of Malignant Growths

By Francis H. Stuart

The Antiseptic Treatment of Tooth Roots

Treatment of Cancer with Caustics

The Juice of Oxalis Acetosella as a Caustic

By Edgar Eltinge


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    March 19, 1881

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