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The “Brush” System of Electric Lighting

The Brush System of Electric Lighting

By Charles F. Brush

M. Wiedemann's Electric Paper

The Telephonic Systems of Dr. Cornelius Herz

By Count du Moncel

On Radiophony

By E. Mercadier

On an Acoustic Phenomenon Noticed in a Crookes Tube

By Charles R. Cross

Physical Society, London, Jan. 22, 1881

By W. G. Adams

The Microscope and the Atomic Theory

Roncalli's Melograph

Improvements in Gas Engines

The Various Modes of Transmitting Power to a Distance *

By Arthur Achard

The Outridge Engine

The Aerial Railway

The Invention of the Link Motion

On Machines for Producing Cold Air

Japanese in English Type

The Discovery of the Sources of the Niger

Abnormal Entozoa in Man

By Samuel Lockwood

On Chicken Cholera: Study of the Conditions of Non-Recidivation and of Some other Characteristics of this Disease

By M. L. Pasteur

Hereditary Syphilis

Sheep Farming on a Large Scale


Applying Manure

On Rational Seasoning of Wood, Etc

Waste of Horse Life

Whitewood and Cottonwood

Wisconsin Farming


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    April 02, 1881

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