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Improved Testing Machine

The Bottrop Cut of the Duisburg and Quackenbruck Section of the Rhenish Railway (Germany)

Detailed Cost of a Drawing-Room Car

Pneumatic Tube for Mountain Railways

The Value of a Vacuum

Utilization of Cartridge Shells

An Improved Filtering Apparatus

By Henry Chapman

The Society of Engineers


Ravel's Gas Motor

Paris Water Meters

Gas and Electricity as Heating Agents

By C. W. Siemens

Scales without Weights

A Cheap and Effective Finished Enlargement

By G. Croughton

Retouching for Beginners

By Henry Morgan

Chloride of Silver Gelatine Emulsion

By H. L. T. Haakman

The Hypothesis of Avogadro

Pellicular Negatives and Gelatine Plates

A Coloring Matter Derived from an Impurity in Certain Commercial Acetic Acids

By M. Georges Wrtz

New Synthesis of Leucaniline

By Otto Fischer and P. Grieff


Its Geological Origin, Preparation, and Applications

New Process of Dyeing Fast Black for Mixed Fabrics, Woolen Fabrics, Cotton Fabrics, and for Yarns

By M. J. Clare

Process for Bleaching Blood-Albumen by Means of the Electric Light

By Leon Manet

Production of Ammonia from the Nitrogen of the Air

A New Violet for Pigment

By E. Guyard

On the Ultimate Analysis of Organic Salts of the Alkalies and Alkaline Earths

By H. Schwartz and P. Pastrovich

Improved Apparatus for Bleaching, Washing, Cleaning, Dyeing, or Disinfecting Textile Goods

By M. Scharr

The Relation of Apiculture to Science

By A. J. Cook

Hydrophobia—A Gleam of Hope

Art and Nature

Spring-Beetles and Wire-Worms


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