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New Railway Car Axle

The Cart Horse Show

Wheel-Flange Lubricator

The Pulsator

D'arsonval's Steam-Pressure Regulator

New Two-Color Printing Press

Sulphate of Soda.—A New Mechanical Furnace and a Continuous System of Manufacturing Sulphate of Soda

By James Mactear

Improvements in Combing Machines

By M. Imbs

Professor Tennant, F.G.S.

The Microscopical Analysis of Water

Rotating Stage for the Microscope

Distribution of Light in the Solar Spectrum—Spectrum of the Color-Blind

By J. Mace and W. Nicati

Brief Review of the Most Important Changes in the Industrial Applications of Chemistry within the Last Few Years

Materials and Processes connected with the Construction of Buildings

Oils From Schists

By Gaston Bong

The Radiograph

On The Viscosity of Gases at High Exhaustions

By William Crookes

The Sensitiveness of the Root-Tip of the Seedling

New Electrolytic Results

By E. F. Smith

Separation of Cadmium and Zinc

By A. Yver

New Process for the Extraction of the Iodine Contained in Seaweeds

By MM Laurot and Collet

On the use of a New Silver Salt in the Treatment of Organic Nervous Disease

Practical Receipts

Bleaching and Dyeing Straw Hats

Process for Bleaching Cotton in the Dry Way by the Vapors of Chloroform Charged with Chlorine

By Albert Engler

Clasps as Fastenings for Artificial Dentures

By J. W. Clowes

Ascent of Chimborazo and Cotopaxi

By Edward Whymper

The Materialistic Origin of the Sexes

Cistern Water

A Lost City

Gour, the Ruined and Forgotten Capital of Bengal

The Stone Statues of the Ile De Paques

Destroying Witch Grass

Indian Traditions Respecting their Origin

By T. L. Lewis

On the Habits of the Northern or Shortfinned Squid (Ommadreplm illecebrosa)

By A. E. Verrill


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