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A Simple Single-Acting Steam Engine

Goubet's Sleeve Coupling

Compressing Air

By John Sturgeon

Smith's Two-Ton Anchor

Seamless Tubing

Mechanical Refrigeration

By J. K. Kilbourn

Simple Holtz Machine and Experiments in Static Electricity

By George M. Hopkins

Temperature of the Electric Light

By Fr. Rosetti

Chemical Energy and Electromotive Force of Different Galvanic Combinations

By Julius Thomsen

Physics without Apparatus

The Past in the Present

John Gould, F.R.S.

Behring Strait

Hiddenite, an Emerald-Green Variety of Spodumene

By J. Lawrence Smith

Dwarf and Monstrous Trees in China and Japan

The Banyan Tree

The Cultivation of Celery

Plant Labels

Cultivation of Caoutchouc Trees in India

Nitrogen. Symbol N. Combining Weight, 14

By T. A. Pooley

Vitality of Carbuncular Germs

By M. Pasteur

The Chemistry of Building Materials

Glycerine Barometers


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