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New 43-Ton Breech-Loading Gun

The Panama Ship Canal

The Otto Gas Engine

By Otto V. Linford

Driven Wells for Fire Purposes

Storing Compressed Air or Gas

Specifications of New Steamer for the Mexican National Construction Company

Iron and Steel under the “Hay Process.”

By A. T. Hay

The Manufacture and Uses of Cast Steel

A Cement Wanted

How Sluice Mining Originated

English Railway Speeds

Simple Holtz Electrical Machine.—Curative Applications of Static Electricity

By Geo. M. Hopkins

Electricity in the Card-Room

Schoenbein's Ozonometer for February and March, 1881

Apparatus for Testing the Tensile Strength of Cements

The Quadrature of the Circle

The Density and Tension of Saturated Vapors

Aural Symptoms in Bright's Disease

Uninflammable Fabrics

The New System of Mathematics

Silk-Producing Bombyces Reared in 1880

By Alfred Wailly

The Chime at St Germain L'auxerrois

The Mode of Flight of the Albatross

Archæological Explorations near Madisonville, Ohio

The Grapes of California


Butter and Butter-Making


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    May 28, 1881

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