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The Cunard Steamship Servia

Todt's Hot-Air Engine

Apparatus for Squaring and Measuring the Lengths of the Axle-Cranks of Locomotives

Coal Per Horse-Power per Hour

Cranston's Deep Rock Boring Machine

The Sewerage of Memphis

By Frederick S. Odell

Co-Operative Heating and Lighting

Optical Telegraphy

On the Modern Development of Faraday's Conception of Electricity

By Helmholtz

The Grange, Little Tew, Oxon

On the Origin of Gold Nuggets and the Formation of Placer Deposits

Chilling Properties of Iron

Spontaneous Ignition of Vegetable Stances by Nitric Acid

Prizes of the Paris Academy of Sciences

A Refraction Photometer

Persistence of Vision


By George E. Davis

Negative Paper Process

Rapid Photo-Lithography

On the Loss of Nitrous Compounds in the Manufacture of Sulphuric Acid, and on a Method for their Abatement

By MM. Lasne and Benker

Polytechnic Association of the American Institute

Oil of Almonds

On the Influence of the Molecular Grouping in Organic Bodies on their Absorption in the Infra-Red Region of the Spectrum

By W. De W. Abney


Lorenzen's Ammonia Apparatus

Artificially Colored Rose Leaves

Constipation and its Effects

By E. S. F. Arnold

Coca Cultivation

New Sheaf-Binder

The Quality of American Hogs and Hog Products

“Mhowa” or “ Mahwah,” an Indian Food Tree

By C. G. Warnford Lock

Cheap Ornamental Gardening

Faye's Comet

Action of Frost on Evergreen Plants

The Inconceivable as a Test of Truth

By F. H. Nash

Seaside Zoölogy

An Extraordinary Dwarf

The Production of Double Flowers

A New Vine Pest which is also Fatal to Phylloxera — Immunity of American Vines



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