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The Plattsmouth Bridge

Killing Weeds

Building Concrete Walls

Work of the Sculptor

Peterborough Cathedral

Practical Uses of Electricity

By Charles A. Young

Illuminating a Fish by Electricity

Telegraphic Transmission of Pictures

On So-Called Rusty Gold

The Herring

The Relative Food Value of Fish

The Shad Fishery

Grindelia Robusta as a Remedyin Asthma

By T. M. Rochester

On the Formation of a Chemical Compound of Ammonia with Silver Bromide

By J. Vincent Elsden

Oleate of Mercury for the Hair

By A. Henriques De Young

Alabama Coal and Iron

The Gyrograph

The Cyanamide Compounds of Succinic Acid

By H. Moller

The Basic Dephosphorizing Process

Curious Optical Illusion

American Butter in England

City Supplies of Charcoal

Interesting Postal Statistics

Newark, New Jersey, as a Manufacturing Center

The Great Wall of China

The National Wealth


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    June 18, 1881

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