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One Thousand Horse-Power Corliss Engine

Petroleum and Coal in Venezuela

Opening of the New Workshop of the Stevens Institute of Technology

Complete Prevention of Incrustation in Boilers

Light Steam Engine for Balloons

Eddystone Lighthouse

Tangye's Hydraulic Hoist

Rolling-Mill for Making Corrugated Iron

Railway Turn-Table in the Time of Louis XIV

New Signal Wire Compensator

How Veneering is Made

The Constituent Parts of Leather

Power Loom for Delicate Fabrics

New High School for Girls, Oxford

Progress in American Pottery

Photo Tracings in Black and Color

Photographic Notes

On M. C. Faure's Secondary Battery

Physical Science in our Common Schools

Geographical Society of the Pacific


By H. Behr

The Behring's Straits Currents

Experimental Geology

Artificial Production of CalcarEous Pisolites and Oolites

Blood Rain

Agricultural Items

Topical Medication in Phthisis

Timber Trees

On the Law of Avogadro and Ampere

Dyeing Reds with Artificial Alizarin

By M. Maurice Prud*amp*apos;Homme


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June 25, 1881