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Indian Tea

The Floating Gardens of Lake Srinagar

The House Wren as an Insect Destroyer

American Apples

Direction of Sap Flow

The Great Bee Disaster

Traction of Locomotives—Rule for Calculating

To the Editor of the National Car-Builder

A Broken Crank Repaired with Wire Rope

The Preservation of Iron and Steel

Torpedo Practice–Jumping a Boom

Machine for Sizing, Glazing, and Stretching the Warp

Stone's Improved Heliograph

The Melbourne Exhibition


Jute Brussels Carpeting

The Quadrature of the Circle

Design for the Manchester Town Hall

The Adulteration of Olive Oil

By Michael Conroy

Brief Review of the Most Important Changes in the Industrial Applications of Chemistry within the Last Few Years

Materials Employed in Washing

By J. W. Mallet

Analysis of Soaps

Chemical Examination of Volatile Oils

By Wm. L. Dudley

Chemistry in its Application to Brewing

Observationts on the Coloring Matter of Flowers

Translated by ADOLF G. VOGELER,Ph G.

Violet Illumination of the Retina

A Sulphureted Hydrogen Apparatus

By Peter Hart

Spontaneous Ignition of Vegetable Substances by Nitric Acid

Report of the Committee from American Public Health Association on a Plan for the Prevention of the Spread of Venereal Diseases

By Albert Gihon

Malignant Pustule and its Treatment


The Propagation of Hilis of Razor

Small-Pox.–The Result of Attempting to Check its Spread in Chicago

By Oscar C. De Wolf


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