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Recent Decisions Relating to Patents

Alcohol in Nature–Its Presence in the Earth, Water, and Atmosphere

Detection of Alcohol in Transparent Soaps

By H. Jay

On the Calorific Power of Fuel, and on Thompson's Calorimeter

By J. W. Thomas

Carbon.–Symbol C.–Combining Weight 12

By T. A. Pooley

Explosion as an Unknown Fire Hazard

Seyfferth's Pyrometer

Manufacturers' Soaps and their Production

By W. J. Menzies

The Preparation of Perfumepomades

Bacteria Life

Organic Matter in Sea-Water

On the Composition of Elephants' Milk

By Chas. A. Doremus

Petroleum Oils

The Chemical Composition of Rice, Maize, and Barley

By J. Steiner

Notes on Cananga Oil or Ilang-Ilang Oil

By F. A. Fluckiger

Composition of the Petroleum of the Caucasus

By MM. P. Schutzenberger and N. Toniner

Analyses of Rice Soils from Burmah

By R. Romanis

Chian Turpentine

On the Change of Volume which Accompanies the Galvanic Deposition of a Metal

By M. E. Bouty

Dry Air Refrigerating Machine

The American Society of Civil Engineers

Address of the President, James Bicheno Francis, at the Thirteenth Annual Convention of the Society at Montreal, June 15, 1881.

Thomas's Improved Steam Wheel

Delicate Scientific Instruments

By Edgar L. Larkin

A Pair of Cottages

The Future Development of Electrical Appliances

Economy of the Electric Light

Researches on the Radiant Matter of Crookes and the Mechanical Theory of Electricity

By W. F. Gintl and W. von Gerichten

On the Space Protected by a Lightning-Conductor

By William Henry Preece

The Aurora Borealis and Telegraph Cables

Photo-Electricity of Fluorspar Crystals

Gelatine Transparencies for the Lantern

The Photographic Image: What it is

An Integrating Machine

By C. V. Boys

Upon a Modification of Wheat stone's Microphone and its Applicability to Radiophonic Researches

By Alexander Graham Bell


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