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The Polyphemus

H.M.S. Polyphemus

The Canal System of New York


The Bollee Steam Carriage

Annular Wheels

Forms of Epicycloidal and Involute Teeth for Inside Gear—Failure of the Odontographs to Meet Certain Practical Cases

By C. W. MacCord

The Old Aqueducts of Paris

Farquhar's Filtering Apparatus

Suggestions about Stuffing Cushions

Heat in Relation to Chemical Action

By Henry Allen

A Simple Equatorial

The Pressure of Wind

Hylozoic Materialism

By Robert Lewins

Voss's Induction Electrical Machine

Theory of Thermo Electric Motive Forces

By M. Pilleur

The Chemical and Physical Effects of Fillings Upon Teeth

By Charles Mayr

Modification of Anesthetic Methods

On Harvesting Machinery

By E. Samuelson


By M. P. Geeensword


Saddle Horses

To Keep Very Shaded Places Green

Jottings about Snakes

Land Snails

Fossil Saiga-Antelopes

Natural History of Butterflies


By K. Sadlow

Cane Sugar from Molasses

By U. Gayon

Disinfection by Nitrous Oxides


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