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Textile Fibers under the Microscope

French Candle-Moulding Machines

Straw and Straw Goods in Tuscany

New Discovery Regarding Gelatine Emulsion

By L. Warnerke

A Drying Cupboard

The Canal System of New York

Pellet's Burette

On Harvesting Machinery

By E. Samuelson

The Mersey Rail Way Tunnel

Links in the History of the Locomotive

The Electrical Railway of Gross-Lichter- Felde, Near Berlin

A New Lactometer

Turquois of New Mexico

By B. Silliman

Tubular Dispensing Balance

What is Glucose?

Muscular Activity and Decomposition of Matter

By O. kellner

Experimental Determination of the Velocity of White and Colored Light

By J. Young and G. Forbes

Wickersheim's Process for the Preservation of Organic Substances

By H. Struve and O. Jacobsen

A New Ureometer

Apparatus for Continuous Displacement

Preliminary Notice of a New Vegetable Coloring Matter

By Sam. P. Sadtler and Wm. L. Rowland

Densities of Liquefied Oxygen, Hydrogen, and Nitrogen

By L. Cailletet and P. Hautefeuille

Cause of Reddening of Carbolic Acid

Distillation of Essential Oils

The Impurities in Water, and their Influence Upon its Domestic Utility

By George Stillingfleet Johnson

Japanese Distillation

Automatic Washing of Precipitates

Hæmo-Cyanine and its Distribution in the Animal Kingdom

By C. F. W. Krukenberg

On a Pure Coke

By W. W. Staveley

Synthesis of Salicylic Acid

By Edgar F. Smith

Spontaneous Ignition of Coal

By H. Haedicke

Sodium and Potassium Chlorides in Mineral Analyses

By Fr. Muck

On the Conduct of Finely Divided Iron toward Nitrogen

By Ira Remsen




Photophonic Selenium Receivers

Street-Trees and Public Grounds


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    August 06, 1881

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