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Compressed Air Clocks

Boilers with Corrugated Flues

Common Sense Sanitation

By S. Case

Launch of the City of Rome

Oil Pressing Machinery

Relations of Science to Speculation

By J. W. Dawson

Paper Pulp from Wood

An Electrical Speech-Recorder

To Take Positives in the Camera Direct

By J. B. Obernetter

The Ruins of Libydia

The Roman Villa near Brading

The Niobrara Group

By Chas. H. Sternberg

Reduction of Over-Printed Proofs

By W. England

Are we Right Sighted?

The Geology of Florida

Saw Palmetto

Fruit Sirups

By Adolph G. Vogeler

The Impurities in Water, and their Influence upon its Domestic Utility

By George Stillingfleet Johnson


Hardness of Water

By V. Wartha

Liquefaction of Gaseous Mixtures

By Mm Cailletet and P. Hautefeuille

The Alloys of Manganese

Chemical Action in a Magnetic Field

By Ira Remsen

Society of Chemical Industry

Detection of Phosphorus

By F. Selmi

Twisting Filter Press

Terquem's Gas-Burner

Selenium as a Heat Regulator

Phosphorus.—Symbol P.—Combining Weight, 31

Filtering Apparatus for Viscid Liquids

Estimation of Butter

By L. Medicus and S. Scherer

A Delicate Test for Mercury

The Cat and its Relations

By Frederic A Lucas

On a Curious Actinic Phenomenon

By T. L. Phipson

Getting Rid of the Rats


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August 13, 1881

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