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Decisions of the Courts Relating to Patents

The Barrow Depositing Dock

The Gamgee Motor

Improvements in the Treatment of Fluid Blast Furnace Slag

By A. D. Elbers

Standard Parallel Rod

Bursting of Two Water Mains in London

Large Pumping Engines

The Tehuantepec Railroad

The Manufacture of Glass for Decorative Purposes

By H. J. Powell

Physical Studies of Lake Tahoe

By John Le Conte

Aeronautical Society of Great Britain

The Illusions of Touch

On a. Simple Device for Projecting Vibrations of a Liquid Film without a Lens

By H. S. Carhart

Arrow Wounds

By H.S. Kilbourne


The Theory of the “Conservation of Tissue”by the use of Alcohol

By E. Chenery

New Experiments in Preventive Inoculation

The Phenomena of Hypnotism

Excess of Silver Nitrate in Gelatine Emulsion

Gelatine Emulsion with the Addition of Resin

Retouching Gelatine Negatives

By William Shawcross

Effect of Cold on Giant Powder

Vulcan's Forthcoming Transit, October 12 or 13, 1881, and Accompanying Details

By A. F. Goddard

American Investigations in Turkey

Standard Daniell Cells

Comet B 1881


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