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Mr. Haywood's Fifteen Inch Railway

The Almirante Brown

Bridges on the Napier and Manawatu Railway


A New Self-Sealing Retort Mouth-Piece Lid

Curator's Lodge, Botanic Gardens, Cambridge

Weber's Explosive Gas Telltale

Cuba, her Relations with the United States

Contribution to the History of the Aleutian Isles, or Aleutia

By Arthur B. Stout

The Speed of Thought

A Night Balloon Ascent

The Right to Lateral Support

The Sewing Machine in France

The Thermophone

The New Continuous Current Dynamo-Electric Machine of Hefner-Alteneck

Instrument for Testing Electrical Resistances

Prospective Applications of Electricity

Neutral Oxalate of Potassium

By E. B. Shuttleworth

Nitrous Acid during the Evaporation of Water

Synthesis of Ammonia

Apparatus for extracting Ammonia from Gas Liquors

Some Chemical Reagents

1.Hydrochloric or Muriatic Acid.(HC1.)

By M. Benjamin

Disappearance of Nitrates by Decomposition in the Dark

The Brin Process for Oxygen

Ozone as a Cause of the Luminosity of Phosphorus

The Squid of the Newfoundland Banks in its Relation to the American Grand Bank Cod Fisheries

By H. L. Osborn



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