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Improved Breech-Loading Guns

The Torpedo Ram Polyphemus

A Hand-Moved Propeller

Locomotive Improvement

Hutter's Water-Meter Motor

A Novel Hollow Yacht Mast

Cast Iron Compression Girders

Sixteen Horse Power Compound Fixed Engine

Laying out Annular Wheels

New Thermo-Siphon or Heater

On the Effect of Prolonged Stress upon the Strength and Elasticity of Pine Timber

By R. H. Thurston

Building a Nest in the Wheels of a Clock

The Undue Deterioration of Buildings

City and Guilds Institute of Technical Education, London

Oxford University Cricket Pavilion

Building a House on a Sand Hill

Physics without Apparatus

Longitude and Ship's Time

Composition for Rendering Photographic and other Prints Transparent

By Elisha W. Poston

Consumption: is it a Contagious Disease? What can be done 10 Prevent its Ravages?

By B. Cogbhall

Streaks in Gelatine Plates

Bacteria as a Cause of Disease in Plants

By T. J. Burrill

Mercurial Fumigations in Diphtheria

By J. Corbin

Catching Cold

By Carl Seiler

The Successful Administration of Nitrous Oxide for Dental and Surgical Operations

Ocular Symptoms in Different Diseases

The Movements of Plants

By George Henslow

On the Disposition of Color Markings of Domestic Animals

By WM. H. Brewer

Rabbits and Goats near the South Pole


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    September 10, 1881