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The Electric Light at Earnock Colliery

Achille Delesse

Condition of Flames under the Influence of Electricity

On the Progress and Development of the Marine Engine

Lightning and Telephone Wires

The Electric Stop-Motion in the Cotton Mill

Steam Ferry Boats of the Port of Marseilles

Improved Grain Elevator

Opening of a New English Dock

Furnace for the Manufacture of Sulphide of Carbon

Railway Alarm Whistle

Brouardel's Dry Inscribing Manometer

Improved Dredger

Apparatus for the Manufacture of Wood Pulp

Centrifugal Apparatus for Casting Metals

The Hoboken Drainage Problem

Recent Progress of Industrial Science

Apparatus used in Berlin for the Preparation of Gelatine Plates

On some Recent Improvements in Lead Processes

By Norman C. Cookson

The Distillation and Rectification of Alcohols by the Rational use of Low Temperatures

By Raoul Pictet

How to make Emulsion in Hot Weather

By A. L. Henderson

Electrolytic Determinations and Separations

By Alex. Classen, M. A. Von Reis and M. Benjamin

The Cultivation of Pyrethrum and Manufacture of the Powder

The Removal of Noxious Vapors from Roasting Furnace Gases

Advance in the Price of Glycerine

Analysis of Oils, or Mixtures of Oils, Used for Lubricating Purposes

New Gas Exhauster

Nitrite of Amyl

Method in Madness

The Treatment of Acuté Rheumatism

By Alfred Stille

Hot Water Compresses in Tetanus and Trismus

Simple Methods to Staunch Accidental Hemorrhage

By Edward Borck

Trials of String Sheaf Binders at Derby, England

The Culture of Strawberries

The Time-Consuming Match

Some Hardy Flowers for Midsummer


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