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Improved Hydraulic Flanging and Straightening Machine

The Welland Canal

Express and Bullion Safes

Curious Wear of Rails

Solarization of Dry Plates

The Effects of Carding and Drawing Processes on Cotton Fibers

Petroleum and Lightning

The Harvey Statue

Glasgow Cathedral

David Sassoon Building Elphinstone High-School, Bombay

The International Exhibition of Electricity

New Polarizing Apparatus

Clarifying Olive Oil

On Sewage in Oysters

By Charles A. Cameron

Improvements in the Treatment of Fluid Blast Furnace Slag

By A. D. Elbers

The Manufacture of Oxygen from Atmospheric Air

A New Lighthouse at Marseilles

Notes on Gums, Resins, and Waxes

By C. G. Warnford Lock

Dried Foam

By Reuben Brooks

Vaccination of Animals

By Pasteur

On the Detection of Lead in Potable Waters by means of Potassium Bichromate

By Sidney Harvey

The Connection of the Biological Sciences with Medicine

By Huxley

Explosive Combinations in Pharmacy

A Hypnotic Seance

Sense of Feeling in Blind Cave-Fish


Future Demands for Wool

Preserving Seeds


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