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Vortex Rings of Liquids and Gases

The International Exhibition of Electricity

Electrical Night-Signal for Railways

Action of Lightning upon Telephone Apparatus

Siemens' Regenerative Gas-Burners

British Association. —President's Address

A Modification of the Plante Battery

The Harvey Statue

Fast Passenger Engines

The Manufacture of Russian Sheet Iron

By H. B. Froom

Iron Steamship Manufacture

Dry Plates

Roche's Mode of Developing the Eastman Gelatine Dry Plates

The Gold Bluffs and Gold Beaches on our Northern Coast

The Census of Canada

Gelatine Plates

Rules of Lawn Tennis

Adopted by the U. S. N. I,. T. A.

A So-Called Hermaphrodite


By C. A. Bucklin

The Eye-Like Spots in Fishes

By F. Jeffrey Bell

Rivers with High Banks on One Side and Low Banks on the other Side: What is the Cause?

The Muck Delusion

The Pamir


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October 08, 1881