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Boiler Plate Bending Rolls

The Quality of Steam

By John W. Hill

A Novelty in Railway Construction

Improved Testing Machine

Combined Road and Rail Truck Wheels

New Steam Line between New York and France

The Influence of Surface Condition on the Strength of Steel

Goodyear & McKay Sole Sewing Machines Boot and Shoe Sewing Machines

Steel and Hemp Hawsers

New Gas Burner


Method of Determining the Relations of the Actinism of Different Lights to the same Illuminating Power

Operations of the British Post Office

Public Instruction in the Province of Bologna

The Center of Population in 1880

The Grave of William Penn

Important Archæological Discoveries in Assyria

Double Refraction

By A. Cornu

The Condenser Superseded


On Spectroscopy

By L. Ciamician

Physics without Apparatus

Relation of Brain Power to the Weight of the Brain

The Treatment of Tetanus

A New Current of Induction Electricity; or, a New Method of Producing Electrical Nerve and Muscle Reactions

By William J. Morton

New Flexible Stethoscope

Note on the Isolation of Strychnine

By Alfred H. Allen

Sodium.—Symbol Na.—Combining Weight 23

Bottcher's Gas Motors

Physiology of Visual Purple

Ammonium.—Symbol Nh4.—Combining Weight 18

Flesh and Fat Producers



Adulteration of Foods in France

A Life-Time with Roses

Natural and Industrial History of the White Pine in Michigan

A Remarkable Hailstorm in France

The Red Spot in Jupiter

Black by Day and White at Night

The Battle of the Traps

The Tidal Evolution of the Moon


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