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Steam Plowing Engine

Tank Locomotive, Dutch Rhenish Railway

Observations on English Railroads—The Great Shops at Crewe

The Raub Central Power Locomotive

A Burning Oil Train

The Canada Pacific Railway

Countermands and Protections

Drying-Stove for Printed Sheets

A New Style of Passenger Car

Melrose Abbey

The Correct and Incorrect Thing in Cotton

Winnipeg, Manitoba

Photo Printing in Munich

Upon the useless Part of the Objective, and a New Stop

India-Rubber Ring on a Mackerel

Forms and Functions of the Electric Discharge

Electricity on Tramways

Faure's Secondary Battery

To the Editor of the Electrician:

Electrical Horticulture

On Some Applications of Electric Energy to Horticultural and Agricultural Purposes *

By C. WM Siemens

Gathering and Storing Apples

The Cultivation of Medicinal Plants in Lincolnshire


By E. M. Holmes

Keeping Vegetables in Winter

The Structure of Greenhouses

The Transfer of Sensation

The Opium Habit

Copying Ink Without a press

The Progress of Bacteria Investigation

By G. Marpmann

Prizes worth Striving For

A Case of Prolonged Somnolence

Swine Raising

An Ancient Dwarf


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October 29, 1881

Confronting Common Wisdom