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The Fontaine Locomotive

Trade Mark Decisions by the Commissioner of Patents

The “Fontaine” Locomotive

Improved Compound Engine

Infancy and Childhood of the Steam Engine

By C. M. Percy

The Panama Canal

A Recent Address by Capt. Eads before the British Association

Improvement of the Mississippi, and the Tehuantepec Ship Railway

Cheap Gas for Gas Motors, Etc

Voigt's Winding Frame

Huguenin's Fulling Machine

Improved Apparatus for Preventing the Explosion of Fire Damp

On some Problems Arising in the Assay Office

C. H. AaronTo Find the Weight of Gold in a Specimen of Gold in Quartz, Etc

By C. H. Aaron

Pneumatic Clocks

The Eyes of Science

How Cattle are Shipped at East Boston

On the Heat Generated in a Magnet when it is Magnetized and Demagnetized

By Henry A. Rowland

New Processes of Gas Purification, Based on the Direct Utilization of its Impurities in the Production of Commercial Salts

The Mica Veins of North Carolina

By W. C. Kerr

On the New Metal Actinium

By T. L. Phipson

The Grand Canon of the Colorado River

By Capt. C. E. Dutton

The Brittleness of Emeralds

Bands of the Rainbow

By C. Ritter

The Cost of our City Public Works

The Acrobatic Alphabet

Lioness and Cubs

The Exhibition at Buenos Ayres

Claudius Galenus

By George Jackson Fisher

Preserving and Canning

An Insect the Cause of Epidemic Cholera Morbus


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