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Electric Railways and Transmission of Power by Electricity

By Alexander Siemens

Siemens' Electric Tramway at Paris

On the Limiting Numbers of Teeth for Spur Wheels

By C. W. Maccord

Trial Trip of the Almirante Brown

The Cincinnati Union Depot

Improved Moulding Machine

Brick-And-Concrete and Concrete Gasholder Tanks

By W. H. Edinger

The Magnetic Separating Machine at Pribram

Concrete for Embankments and Dams

Destructive Distillation

By *amp*ldquo;Owen Merriman *amp*rdquo;

Preparation of Neutral Oxalate of Potassium

By E. B. Shuttleworth

Determination of Potassium

By L. L. De Koninck

The Present State of Mount Etna and the Valle Del Bove

The Varieties of Linseed in English Commerce

By E. M. Holmes

The Army Worm

Poultry Farming

Raindrops, Hailstones, and Snowflakes

Timber Trees from Seeds


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