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The Hydromotor

Mr. Le Van on the Gaffney Boiler Explosion

Our Progress in Mechanical Engineering

By Robert H. Thurston

Improved Expansible Pulley

The Telelogue

Capt. Gaumet's New Apparatus For Optical Telegraphy

The Kidder Printing Press

Steam Wagons

New Astatic Galvanometer

By Marcel Deprez

Eastgate House, Rochester

The Electric Discharge through Colza Oil

By A. Macfarlane

Flexibility of Marble

The New Buildings for the Medical Department of the University of Halle A. S., Germany

Opium Smoking in America

Soap and its Manufacture from a Consumer's Point of View

The Fuegians at the Jardin D'Acclimatation, Paris

A Natural Wood Preservative

The Essential Oil of Ginger

By John C. Thresh

Paraffin to Preserve Eggs

Ozone the Cause of Phosphorescence

The Philosophy of Insanity

By John Sanderson Christison

Borate of Quinoidine

The Disposal of House Drainage

By E. S. Philbrick

Plows and Plowing

What is Good Plowing?


Profits of Fruits and Vegetables Grown in Florida

Durability of Redwood

Floors for Horse Stables


By H. Behr

Mildews and Moulds

By A. G. Field

St. Helena as a Call Port


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November 26, 1881

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