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The Railway Disaster at Charenton, France

Gas Engines at the Paris Electrical Exhibition

Krupp's Improved Gas Generators Compared with the Older Apparatus of Siemens

Large Planing and Slotting Machines

Reproduction of Negatives for Single Transfer Carbon Printing

By W. T. Wilkinson

On the Manufacture of Projectiles

By J. Davidson

The Manufacture of Mineral Wool

Gas Pressure in the Solid Coal

Rose Pattern Wall-Paper Decoration

Phenomena Developed by Heliostatic Star-Disks

On The Discoveries of the Past Half-Century Relating to Animal Motion

By J. Burdon-Sandersonv

Professor Louis Pasteur

New Suction and Pressure Apparatus

By Robert Muencke

Rabies—A Possible Cause and a Probable Preventive

By L. L. Dobb

Heavy Paraffin Oil in Pharmacy

By Charles Symes

Affinity and Valency

By Fred. D. Brown

Catsup under the Microscope

Improved Retort for Oil Gas

Ferrous-Oxalo-Citrate Developer

By W. de W. Abney

Notes on the Migrations of Birds

By H. D. Minot

The Scientific American Supplement

Storing Cabbages

The Culture of Tuberoses


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