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Amateur Mechanics

The Fontaine Fallacy

The Fontaine Locomotive

Mr. W. P. Taylor on the Efficiency of the Fontaine Locomotive

Canada Southebn Railway Co., Buffalo, N. Y., June 4, 1881.

By Wm. H. Vanderbilt and Wm. P. Taylor

The St. Gothard Tunnel

Metal Castings of Insects, Flowers, Etc.

The Manufacture of Wood-Pulp

Fireproof Prints

The Smoke Nuisance in Cincinnati

Practical Notes on Plumbing

Underhanded Joints

By P. J. Davies

De Meritens's Electric Accumulator

The Electrical Novelties in the Paris Electrical Exhibition

The Edison Exhibit

Solution of Chlorine in Water

By M. Berthelot

The Manufacture of Artificial Hydraulic Lime at Meudon, near Paris

The Manufacture of Water Gas

By G. Ernest Stevenson

On Drops Floating on the Surface of Water

By Osborne Reynolds

A Defense of Horse Clipping

A New Species of Shrewmouse

Migration of Birds at Night

Coniine and its Compounds

By J. Schorm

Mr. Darwin on the Work of Worms

The American Horse

By E. L. Berthoud

Tree Planting



The Arctic Expeditions


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