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The Temple of the Sun, Baalbek

James Clerk Maxwell

Advance in the Price of Locomotives

What to do When the Locomotive Breaks Down

By Frank C. Smith

Magnetic Purification of Porcelain Clay

Refrigerating Apparatus, S. S. Strathleven and Dunedin

Machine for Beating Fabrics

The New Dry Docks at the Erie Basin

Apparatus for Drying Pasteboard

Secondary Batteries

By W. Grylls Adams

Magnetic Dynamometer

By Antonio Costa Saya

Effects of Telegraph Wires on Animals

Improved Dynamometer

Electric Lighting — Report of the Franklin Institute Committee

The Swan System of Electric Lighting

Compass Surveying

By Francis E. Nipher

The Gallery of Victor Emmanuel at Milan

Digestion, and the use of Artificial Digestive Agents

By J. Milner Fothergill

Pilocarpin in Diphtheria

The Treatment of Smallpox

The Resemblances and Differences of the Two Sexes

By M. G. Delaunay

Fresh Air for Scarlet Fever

A New Gas Kiln

Largilliere's Apparatus for Continuous Diffusion

Union by Pressure

Our Sweets

A Radiating Gas Heating Stove

Oxygen from Bleaching Powder

Apparatus for Treating Wood with Ozonized Oxygen

Evaporation of Glycerine

By M. G. Couttolenc

Mechanical Devices for Facilitating the Gathering of the Cotton Crop

Miscellaneous Recipes


Rapid Tree Growths

The Length of Life of Butterflies

By W. H. Edwards


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    January 07, 1882

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