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The Electro–Magnetic Apparatus of Dr. Pacinotti

The Elias Electromotor

Bjerknes's Experiments

The Arc Electric Light

By Leo Daft

Railway Apparatus at the Paris Electrical Exhibition

Hedges' Electric Lamps

Success of the Elevated Railways, New York

The Action of Cold on the Voltaic Arc

The Telephonic Halls of the Electrical Exhibition

Watchman's Detecter

Integrating Apparatus

Improved Mortar Mixer

Head Linings of Passenger Cars

A Canal Boat Propelled by Air

Practical Notes on Plumbing

Tinning Iron Pipes, Copper Or Brass-Work, Bits, Etc

By P. J. Davies

The Grossenhain Shuttle-Driver

Photography Upon Canvas

Industrial Art For Women — Carpet Designing

Detection of Starch Sugar Sirup Mixed With Sugar-House Molasses

By P. Casamajor

The Economical Washing of Coal Gas and Smoke

The Position of Manganese in Modern Industry

By M. V. Deshayes

Preparation of Coniine

New Reaction of Glycerin


Determination of Nitrogen in Hair, Wool, Dried Blood, Flesh Meal, and Leather Scraps

By C. Krauch



The Prevention of Alcoholic Fermentation by Fungi

By E. Reichard

Testing White Beeswax for Ceresine and Paraffine

By A. Peltz

Parangi—a Newly Described Disease

Household and other Recipes

A Castor Oil Substitute


Synthetic Experiments on the Artificial Reproduction of Meteorites

The Bayeux Tapestry Comet

Lack of Sun Light


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January 14, 1882

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