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H.M.S. Inflexible

The Economy of Gas-Engines

By W. E. Ayrton

Bessemer Steel Manufacture

On The Use of a Mechanical Agitator in the Manufac Ture of Bessemer Steel

By W. D. Allen

Telegraphic Codes and Ciphers

Electrical Ball Finding

The Microphone in Observatories

Neophonography–a Practical Short-Hand for Everyday Use

By James Richardson

Method of ascertaining the age of Eggs

Reaction for Gallic Acid

Locomotive Distilling Apparatus

Researches on Perchloric Acid

By M. Berthelot



On the Estimation of the Dried Residue from Wines

By M. L. De Saint-Martin

Japanning and Japans

“The Cup that Cheers”

Limits of Electrolysis

New Researches on Pharmaceutical Sirups

Butter Coloring

The Prevention of Nuisance from Gas Purifiers

How Fertilizers are made at Atlanta

Natural and Industrial History of the White Pine in Michigan

The Tail in the Human Embryo

A New Imported Enemy to Clover

Skunk Perfume as an anæsthetic

Texas Painted Caves

Finding the Latitude of a Place by the Stars

The Ancient Palaces of Uxmal, Mexico

Recent Discoveries in Babylonia

Geological Facts Recently Observed in Montana, Idaho, Utah, and Colorado

Niagara River

On the Geology of “the Palisades”

By Albert E. Hoppock,


The Scientific American Supplement

Published Weekly Terms of Subscription, $5 a Year

Fur-Bearing Animals of Maine

Recent Extinction of the Mastodon


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