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A Double Bicycle

Central Institution for the City and Guilds of London Institute for the Advancement of Technical Education, South Kensington

Malleable Iron and the Reheating of Steel

Bronze and Brass for Marine Purposes

An English Railroad Station

The Animated Motor

Pacific Deep Sea Soundings

Nero's Engineers

Physical Society, London, November 12, 1881

On Some Spirals Observed in Crystals, Illustrating the Relation of their Optic Axes

American Society of Mechanical Engineers

The Dayton, Ohio, Explosion

Amateur Mechanics

Glass Engraving

The Ethics of Invention

By an Old Technologist

Commander Gorringe's Plan for Conveying Wheat from Oregon to Europe

How to make Permanent Magnets

Exhibit of the French Minister of the Marine at the Paris Exhibition of Electricity

The Gulcher Dynamo

Electric Hoist

Apparatus for Covering Telegraph Wires

Lager Beer


What may be Done with a Few Sticks

On Washing Gelatine Emulsion

By William England

A New American Seaport Projected

Trade between New Zealand and the United States

Karl Remigius Fresenius

George Edmund Street, R.A.

Proceedings of the London Chemical Society, Thursday, November 3, 1881

On Citraconic and Mesaconic Ethers, and Maleic and Fumaric Acids.

By Gilbert and W. H. Perkin

Some of the Undeveloped Mineral Resources of North Carolina

On the Heat Resulting from the Formation of Potassium Perchlorate

By MM. Berthelot and Vielle

A Gypsum Test for Milk

Wicrersheimer's Preserving Fluid

Specific Heats and the Heat Produced by the Dilution of Perchloric Acid

By M. Berthelot

Phosphorescent Substances

Pharmacology and Therapeutics


Ignition of Ether at an Operation

How to Clean Bottles, Etc.

By Albert Wetterstroem

Applying Fertilizers to Roots



Researches in American Archæology.— The Mound Builders and the Aztecs


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    February 04, 1882

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