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Recent Arctic Explorations

The Trial of the Alarm

Garrett's Submarine Torpedo Boat

Deep Sea Soundings

Steam Hammer for Bossing Wheels

Improved Steam–Engine

How Railway Time Tables are Arranged

A Smoke Consumer

Manufacture of Gun-Cotton at the Stow-Market Works

An Improved Dynamometer

By William P. Tatham

Gun Cotton

Carl Louis Schwendler

Hints on Home Sanitation

By H. H. Collins

A Practical Method for Preventing the Spread of Infectious Diseases in Households

The Vapor–Density of Iodine

By M. Berthelot

On the Purification of Gas by Ammonia

By F. D. Marshall

Improved Methods in Refining Petroleum

Filaria Sanguinis Hominis

Reserve for Aniline Black

By Horace K*amp*oelig;chlin

On Almeira Grape Juice

By J. Carter Bell

Note on the Efficiency of Centrifugal Machines for the Separation of Cream from Milk

By Alfred Smetham


Action of Ozone on Germs

By E. Chappuis

Action of Chloride of Lime upon the Alcohols

The Present State of the Rosaniline Question

By A. Rosenstiehl

The Appert Process

Report on Condensed Milk

By Aug. Voelcker


By J. Chappuis

The Nature of Swamp Muck and its Value in Agriculture

By James R. Nichols

The Influence of Atmospheric Rarefaction on the Illuminating Power of Gas

Silos and Ensilage

Progress in American Silk Culture

Mulching for the Peach Borer

Filtering Gelatine Emulsions

Ensilage in Nature

The Stomach of a Ruminant a Silo in Miniature

Magnetic Disturbances, Auroras, and Earth Currents

By W. Grylls Adams

The Sky as a Cemetery

The Sun's Color


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February 18, 1882

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