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Miscellaneous Notes

Action Of Light On Silver Resistances

French Railway Viaducts

Construction of a Water Reservoir in Beton

Welland River Foot Bridge

Rochester Cathedral

Work Done by Steam

The Manufacturing of Wool into Cloth Exemplified

The Tides and the Lengthening Day

By Robert S. Ball

Automatic Trough Flushing Closet

The Causes of Volcanic Action

By J. Prestwich

Voltaic Accumulation

Some Observations of Mr. Holtz on Induction Machines

Comparative Toxicity of Metals

Physics without Apparatus

Experiment on Centrifugal Force


Their Mental State their Degree of Responsibility, and their Civil Capacity

By E. M. Nelson and St. Louis

Care of the Insane

By H. Wardner

Degeneration and Regeneration of Severed Nerves

Disorders of Sleep

By H. Povall and Mt. Morris

The Bone-Conduction of Sound

The Danish Milk Separator

Cranberry Culture

The Pyramid of Meydoom

A Bird-Catching Sedge

Destructive Forces Attending Tornadoes

By W. B. Hazen

The Recent Eruption of Mauna Loa


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