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Decisions Relating to Patents

Supreme Court of the United States

European Life Statistic

The Late Mr. G. E. Street, R.A

English Cathedrals

On Compressed Air

By W. H. Massey

The Air of Stove-Heated Rooms

By W. Mattieu Williams

Wrought-Iron Chimneys


By Willam C. Street

The “Glow” Firegrate

The Servia

Concentric Spring Punch for Cutting out Washers

The Chronology of Petroleum

The Gnawing of Gas and Water Pipes by Rats and Mice

Hollow Walls in Buildings

Production of Bituminous Coal in the United States

Storage of Electricity

The Iron Trade as a Consumer of Fuel

Preservation of Goods from Moths

A Novel Electric Motor

Water Power for Farms

Electrical Conductors

De Pezzer's Modification of Plante's Battery

How to Make Hot-Beds

Necrophori--Burying Beetles

By J. Fletcher

Recent Researches into the Theory of the Living Contagium, and their Application to the Prevention of Certain Diseases in Animals

By J. L. W. Thudichum

Pure Chloroform

Dyspepsia among Farmers

Physiological Effects of Prolonged Bathing

A Remarkable Wound of the Brain

Estimation of Organic Nitrogen in Liquids and Solids

Preliminary Notice

By William Bettel

The Early History of Gas-Lighting


Croton Oil

On the Physical Cause of the Ocean Basins

Dr. Huggins on Comets

Diffusion of Solids

By A. Colson


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