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Machine Tools for Boiler-Makers

Modern Ordnance

By Colonel Maitland

Oscillating Cylinder Locomotive

The Bazin System of Dredging

By A. A. Langley

Gas Motors and Producers

By C. W. Siemens

Cast Iron in Architecture

Danger from Lightning in Blasting

On the Mechanical Production of Electric Currents

Sir W. Palliser

On the Unit Weight and Mode of Constitution of Compounds

French Toilet Articles

On the Mydriatic Alkaloids

By Albert Ladenburg

On the Estimation of Manganese Titration

By C. G. Sarnstrom

Detection of Small Quantities of Morphia

By A. Jorissen

Researches on Animals Containing Chlorophyl

On the Estimation and Separation of Manganese

By Nelson H. Darton

Compressed Oil Gas for Lighting Cars, Steamboats, and Buoys

The Future of Silk Culture in the United States

By Peixotto

How to Plant Trees

By N. Robertson

Determination of Small Quantities of Arsenic in Sulphur

By H. Sch*amp*aelig;ppi

Delicate Test for Oxygen

The Growth of Palms

The Hibernation of Animals

The Tides

Drilling Glass


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March 18, 1882