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Electric Postal Tramways

The Himbaechel Viaduct in Hessen, Germany

Boilers without Longitudinal Seams

The Galveston Cotton Oil Mill

The Fastest Atlantic Passage

The Bull-Dog Bank

On Warming and Ventilating Occupied Buildings

By Arthur Morin

Sulphur Mines of Sicily

The Siberian Gold Mines

Detection of Adulterations in Asphalt

Electricity a Precaution against Fire

By Werner Siemens

Crystal Palace Electrical Exhibition

The Electric Log

A Cheap form of Voltaic Battery

By Alfred R. Bennett

A New and Delicate Test Paper for Ammonia when it is in the Form of a Gas

By Gustav Kroupa

Mercadier's Selenium Pile

Electrolytic Estimations and Separations

By Alex. Classen

On the Detection and Separation of Silica, Alumina, Glucina, Boric Acid, the Alkalies, and some of the Metals, by the Microscope

By H. Reinsch

Observations on the Preparation and use of the Molybdic Solution

By M. Kupfferschlaeger

On the Manufacture of the Potassium and Sodium Carbonates by the Direct Treatment of the Chlorides with Trimethylamine

Detection of Silk, Wool, Linen, and Cotton in Fabrics, with a Method for their Quantitative Estimation; also the Determination of the Sizing and Coloring Matter

The Analysis of Wines

By J. Nessler and M. Barth

Estimation of Nicotine in Tobacco

By R. Kissling

The Colors of Flowers

Toxic Properties of Chlorate of Potash

The Administration of Anæsthetics


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April 01, 1882

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