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Recent Decisions Relating to Patents

Group of Statuary, Representing the International Postal Union, on the New Post Office General, at Hanover, Germany

Cement Beton and Artificial Stone

Zunis Worshiping at the Sunrise Sea

On Warming and Ventilating Occupied Buildings

Halls of Assembly and Lecture-Rooms

By Arthur Morin

Clip for Tentering Machines

The Fireless Locomotive on Tramways

Erie Canal Bridge. —New York Central and Hudson River Railroad

Finished Calfskins

Machine for the Manufacture of Wooden Shoes

Cotton Seed Oil Manufacture

Its History and Progress

Photo Items

Apparatus for Electrical Measurements

On the Intensification of Gelatine Negatives or Positives with Silver

The Disastrous Effects of Lightning

Recommendations of the Lightning Rod Conference

Solids, Liquids, and Gases

By W. Mattieu Williams

The Synthesis of Organic Compounds by Electrolysis

By A. Bartoli and G. Papasogli

The Electric Light in the Navy

Some of the Industrial uses of the Calcium Compounds

By Thomas Bolas

Improved Processes for the Detection of Alum in Flour and Bread*

By A. Wynter Blyth

Measurement of Potentials Corresponding to Given Explosive Distances

By J. B. Raille

Notes of Some Experiments on the Action of Organic Matter on Silver Salts

By Henry Leffman

The Genesis and Distribution of Gold

By J. S. Newberry

The Salmon Disease

The Philosophy of Animal Colors

By Andrew Wilson

Horticultural Items


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