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Ballooning across the Channel

The Railway Tunnel between France and England

Tan-Bark Pressing Machine

Improved Rigging Machine

The “Tourbillon” Wind Motor

New Stive Room

Oil Tank Fires from Lightning, and Suggestions for their Prevention

By Henry Morton

Keyless Watches

By M. Grossmann

The San Jose Electric Light Tower

Englethwaite, near Carlisle

Mining and Industrial Exposition at Denver

Practical Hints on the Manufacture of Gelatine Emulsions and Plates for Photographic Purposes

By W. K. Burton

Solidification by Pressure

Beer Analysis

By J. N. Hurte

Solids, Liquids, and Gases

By W. Mattieu Williams

Some of the Industrial uses of the Calcium Compounds

By Thomas Bolas

Chlorate of Potash, Binoxide of Manganese, Etc.

Soap and its Manufacture, from a Consumer's Point of View

On the Manufacture of Chloride of Sulphur

By J. Carter Bell

Gas for Lighthouse Signals

Rosa Gallica in Pharmacy

Treatment of Ammoniacal Water

The Estimation of Sulphureted Hydrogen and Carbonic Acid in Coal Gas

By Lewis T. Wright

The Adulteration of Drugs in America

By Frederick Stearns

The Physiognomy of Consumption

A Propagating Box

St. Vitus's Dance and Sensitive Plants

Fondeur's Improved Plows

An Anthropomorphous Lemur


By Richard A. Proctor

Champlain's Bearded Wheat

Russian Hills of Petroleum

The California Oil Field


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April 29, 1882

The Antidote to Anti-Intellectualism