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Thomas Aveling

American Passenger Locomotive

On the Triple Expansive Engines of the S. S. Aberdeen

By A. C. Kirk

The Hudson River Tunnel

By S. H. Finch

New Torpedo Boat

A New Apparatus Destined to Show the Dissociation of Ammoniacal Salts

By D. Tommasi

Weymouth Bridge

Description of the Davis Island Cofferdam of 1881

By W. M. Martin

Poirot's Elevator Truck

Machine for Sharpening and Setting the Teeth of Band-Saws

Bollman's Automatic Emery Grinder

Petroleum as Fuel

Formula and Tables for the Horsepower of Leather Belts

By A. F. Nagle

The Manufacture of Leather

Veteran Carpet Patterns

Washing Wool and its Loss in Weight

By W. J. Menzies

Apparatus for Making Strong Selvage

Damping Machine for Textiles

Color Designs on Paper

Arrangements for Lighting Residences of W. H. Vanderbilt, Esq

New Form of Electro Magnet

By Fred. Arzberger

Dry Plates for Transparencies

Coating Paper with Gelatino-Chloride or Bromide

By T. G. Whaite

Apparatus for Lighting Gas-Burners

New York Academy of Sciences

American Chemical Society

An Investigation Upon the Values of the Various Methods Used in the Determination of Tannic Acid

By Nelson H. Darton


By Richard A. Proctor

Phosphorescent Rock

The Daily Press of 1880

Motility in the Flowers of Draba Verna


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May 06, 1882