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Naval and Submarine Exhibition, London

Steel for tires and Axles

By Benjamin Baker

Twenty-foot Racing Boat

Test of Heated Steel

Jarre's Hydraulic Joint Cut-off

Tipping and Screening Coal

Chapel and Village Hall

Train Dispatching on a Boston Road

The Photographic field-Glass

A New Antiseptic Compound, and its Application to the Preservation of Food

By F. Barff


Sulphur in Pyrites

By F. B*amp*oelig;ckmaan

Organic Chemistry

New Method for Determining the Gypsum Contained in Wines

By M. E. Houdard

Laboratory Apparatus

On The Relation of Vegetation to the Industrial Arts

By August Vogel

Salicylic Acid

Latest Results Obtained by the use of Salicylic Acid in Brewing


By G. F. Bihn

Meresse's Tachygraph

The Dolbear Telephone in England

Electric Railways

The Crystal Palace Electrical Exhibition

Electric Resistance of a Mixture of Sulphur and Carbon

The Piesigaster—A New Species of Serpent

On the Poison of Serpents

The Great Pyramid

By Richard A Proctor

Medical Electricity

Relative Power of Antiseptics


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May 13, 1882