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Louis Pasteur

The Infinities Around Us

By Pasteur

Sea-Going Tonnage of the World

Air-Refrigerating Machinery

The Future of Knowledge

M. Pasteur

Economy of the Windmill as a Prime Mover *

By Alfred R. Wolff

The Naval and Submarine Exhibition, London

Professors Ayrton and Perry's Electric Railway

Professor John Perry

Professor W. E. Ayrton, F.R.S.

Country Road Making

On Cracks and Annealing of Steel

Fusible Safety-Plug for Boilers

Ripon Cathedral

A Thermograph *

A New Apparatus for Making a Continuous Graphical Record of the Variations of Temperature

By G. Morgan Eldridge

Porcelain: Its History, Manufacture, and Decoration

By M. Chas. Lauth

Russet Leather

Report on the Manufacture of Russet Leather and its Adaptability for the Military Service

By D. A. Lyle

The Human Eye from a Photographer's Point of View

By D. G. Thomson

The Use of Coal Gas for Lighting and Heating

Astronomical Photography

On the Active Condition of Oxygen

On the Proportions of Carbonic Acid in the Higher Regions of the Atmosphere

Gelatin Jelly as a Dialyzer

By R. C. Woodcock


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