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The Photographic Gun

Mounting and Binding Transparencies, Lantern Slides, Etc.

By John Harmer

A Gelatine Emulsion for Direct Printing

Heat of Electrical Sparks

Instrument for Coating Photo Plates

Gelatino-Chloride of Silver Pictures by Development

By B. J. Edwards

Transfer Printing Processes

The Highest Building in Europe

The New Welland Canal

Gardeners' Cottages

James Gordon Bennett's New Yacht

Failure of a Gasholder

A New Spinning Machine for Wool

The Theory of the Gas-Engine

A New Manganese Mineral

By Malvern W. Iles

The Discovery of Emeralds in North Carolina

By Wm. Earl Hidden

A Mexican Cart

A New Electric Gas Lighter

The Secondary Battery

How to Measure the Sunshine

Edison's Electric Railway

On the Precipitation of Tannic Acid as Tannate of Copper

Electric Resistance of Selenium

Experiments in underground Telephony

The Effects of Heat and Cold on Ice

Fixation of Alumina as a Discharge on Indigo-Blue by Means of Aluminum Chloride

By G. Saget

To Dissolve Silver from Silvered Articles

Artificial Indigo

On the Separation of Alumina and Iron from Manganese with Ammonia

By Nelson H. Darton

How “Wintergreen Oil” is Made

By George W. Kennedy

Note on the Volumetric Estimation of Zinc, by Titration with Potassium Ferro-Cyanide

By Robert W. Mahon

Bismuth Oxide as an Agent for Opening up Silicates

By Walther Hempel

Apparatus for Verifying the Illuminating Power and Density of Illuminating Gas

The Siemens Regenerative Gas-Burner

Silico-Molybdic Acid

On the Transformation of Ozone into Oxygen by Heat

By Ira Remsen

Reverted Phosphates

Carbolic Acid for Boils, Ulcers, Poisonous Bites, Hemorrhoids, Carbuncles, and Tumors

By N. B. Kennedy

The Irritating Effects of Cardol

By Ida R. Brigham

Hypothetical High Tides, as Agents of Geological Change

By J. S. Newberry

A Geological Broker

Galeandra Nivalis

On the Composition of American Grasses

By Clifford Richardson

The Poplar

Dr. Macgowan on the Utilization of Ants as Grub Destroyers in China

The Pipes of all Peoples

Breweries in Europe and the United States

Sardine Fishery

Superstition as an Aid to Thieves

Jersey Cow Lady Mary


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