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Charbon Vaccination

Solar Apparatus

Malleable Bronze

Egyptian Lustral Water Vessels

Pittsburg and her Manufactures

The Life-Line Projector

Verity's Coupling Sleeve

Stopping Mechanism for Spinning Frames

Universal Machine for Working Metals

Improved Refrigerating Machine

Universal Moulding Machine

Machine for Bending Iron Plate

Central Friction Gearing

Von Grass-Klanin's Steel Band Press

The Tiring and Untiring of Car and Locomotive Wheels by Gas

Automatic Regulator for Machines for Giving Luster to Threads

The Telephone—From 1837 to 1882

By Amos Emerson Dolbear

Apparatus for Measuring High Pressures in Liquids

Gelatino-Chloride of Silver Pictures by Development

Albuminated Ferrous Borotartrate

By Carlo Pavesi

On Crystallized Anhydrous Grape-Sugar

By Arno Behr

Camphorated Chloride of Calcium

By Carlo Pavesi

Separation of Ether

By C.J.H. Warden

The Action of Sulphureted Hydrogen upon Compounds Containing Oxide of Iron

By J. Carter Bell

Sick Headache

By T. Curtis Smith

An Elephant's Head

Charles Robert Darwin

A New Depredator Infesting Wheat-Stalks

Blackberries in Delaware

The Ladder-Back Adder


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June 17, 1882