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The St. Gothard Tunnel

The Berlin Metropolitan Railway

By William Bird

Improved Feathering Propeller

Concrete Flooring

Erlach's Improved Bicycle

How the Shoemaker should Work Sole Leather

Herr Hof-Photograph Victor Angerer in Vienna

The Great Temple of Rangoon

Storage of Power

By W. E. Ayrton

Magic Mirrors of Silvered Glass

An Illusory Phenomenon

Salicylic Acid in the Treatment of Yellow Fever, Cholera, Etc.

Cause of Milk Sickness


By Tyndall

“Hoang Nan,” a New Chinese Remedy

On the Determination of Sex in Generation

By T. M. Harris

Nitrate of Ethyl for Disinfecting Purposes

The Great Nebula in Andromeda

Practical Notes

By Hans M. Wilder

The Oil of D'anda-Assu and of La Johanaseine

The Barking Toad

Absorption of Light in the Atmosphere


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