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The Gardner Machine Gun

John Roach, of New York.—His Ship-Building and his Views

Cast Iron Panel by Le Duc

Re-Lighting Safety Lamps by Electricity

Workpeople's Aid Societies in Alsace

The New Great Bell for St. Paul's

The Great Organ at the Crystal Palace

Thermic Conductivity of Minerals and Rocks

By J. Thoulet

A New Perpetual Motion

Country House, Costing $600 to $800

Gold Wire

Lochmann's Improved Atomizer

The Washing of Clays

Plate Glass Manufacture

Carl Wilhelm Scheele

On the Intensification of Negatives

A New Mercuro Cyanide Intensifying Process for Gelatino-Bromide Plates

By J. M. Eder

The Last New Developer

By W. T. Wilkinson

Manufacture of Lactic Acid

By Charles E. Avery

Curiosities of Color

By Henry J. Slack

Some Appliances for Gelatino-Bromide Work

By Herman Fol

The Arrival of Man in Europe

By John Fiske

Dangers of Well Water

Notes on the Spongillæ of Buffalo

The “Chemical Lung”

The Microscope in Disease

Notes on the Cotton Industry of India

An Indian Mill Manager

Peach Culture

Oleomargarine and Lard Cheeses


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