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Compound Engine for Yachts

On the Economy of Compound Engines

By W. Parker

Sound Signaling

Harbors and Estuaries on Sandy Coasts

Appliances for Working Under Water, or in Irrespirable Gases

By W. A. Gorman

The Berthon Collapsible Boat

The Weehawken Tunnel

A Visit to the Crewe Railway Works

Big Locomotives

Acid and Chalk for Defense

A Liverpool Ice Manufactory

Yankee Steamers Built in England

Nobel's Explosive Gelatine

The Lawson Boiler Experiment

Machine for Making Two-Strand Straw Rope

Bell for Testing Piles

Gloucester Cathedral

The Substantial Prosperity of Colorado

By Thos. M Patterson

The Threefoot Rule

A Song About Standards and Measures

Relative Spectrum Sensitiveness of Printing Processes, and on a New Form of Silver Printing Process

By W. De. W. Abney

A Novel Method for the Intensification of Negatives

Edwards' Process for Photo Plates

Grinding Wheat

AT a recent meeting of the Institution of Civil Engineers, London, Sir Frederick Bramwell, Vice-President, in the chair, three papers were read, the first, “On Various Systems of Grinding Wheat, and on the Machines used in Corn Mills,”...

By W. Proctor Baker

Photo Developing Dish

Boiling Keir for Yarn and Cloth

Iron Pyrites: Its Formation and Decomposition

By F. Sandberger

Artificial Indigo

The Amount of oil Remaining in Pennsylvania and New York

The Boundaries of the Oil Region

By Henry E. Wrigley

Micrographic Analysis of Potable Waters

Nerve Vibration as a Therapeutic Agent

By J. Mortimer-Granville

Determination of Sugar with Fehling's Liquid

The Manufacture of the Coal-Tar Dyes

Preparation of Nitrotoluols and Toluidins

Spread of Scale-Insects

Consumption a Parasitic Disease

The Malay Adjutant


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